There seem to be a lot of DJ companies to choose from, why would I want to hire Loud DJs? It's true that there are plenty of DJ companies out there, and unless you have seen them perform in person at an event just like the one you're planning, you can't know for certain what you will end up with. We've been in the industry since 2005. In our experience, the best way to gauge your prospective DJ is to talk to them and have lots of questions. You should feel that they have confidence in their technical proficiency, knowledge of the music you want to hear, and good judgement. You should get along well with your DJ; they should be someone that you would want to invite to your event. Our DJs are passionate about good music, the subtle art of event coordination, and the craft of blending music. We think of ourselves as personable and well rounded for just about any kind of event. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we hope you'll feel the same.
Will you play the YMCA, The Macarena, or [insert cheesy song] at my event? Yes, but only ironically. Loud DJs is aimed at serious music lovers, and we prefer to avoid cliché “party music.” As a note, we do provide our clients with the opportunity to make a “do not play list.”
Do you mix music together? Yes. Our DJs benefit from being both seasoned mobile DJs and experienced nightclub performers.
What kind of involvement does Loud DJs have in the planning process of an event? How do you work with other vendors? We like to have a very detailed understanding of your event plans beforehand and work with your vendors to make sure everything goes smoothly. When a timeline is necessary for an event, we will go through it with you and/or your coordinator to make sure everyone is on the same page. On the day of your event we will be there to help everything go as planned and work with your vendors so you can focus on having a great time!
What kind of music are do you have? Our library is comprised of over 40,000 tracks and runs the gamut of musical flavors. We are familiar with a vast amount of music. We encourage our clients to send us playlists, and if there's a song that we don't have, we will get it.
Can I make a playlist of songs that I would like beforehand? Can I make requests at the event if I think of a good song? What about my guests? Certainly. You may also specify a “do not play list” for music that you don't want to hear.
What is your process for booking? To book us, we require a deposit, usually 50% of the total, which we accept by credit card. Secondly we have a written agreement, which is easily signed through the web. That's it!
What regions do you serve? We are able to provide service anywhere in Southern California.
  • Our Southern California location is based out of Ventura County, and serves from San Diego County up to Santa Barbara County. We charge a small travel fee for events outside of Los Angeles County, Ventura County, or Santa Barbara County. Please call for details.

What kind of equipment do you use? For playback we use turntables, CD players, software DJ programs using external controllers or a combination thereof. Computer DJ systems are generally the most practical solution for most events. We play only high bit rate or lossless files using very high quality D/A converters. Our loudspeakers include 2-way systems ranging from 12” to dual 15”. Our subwoofers range from 15” to 18”. We have sound systems available for small events of less than 100 attendants but can provide systems large enough for thousands of attendants. We also carry a myriad of effects lighting fixtures such as moonflowers, sky effects, lasers, and black lights. We include lighting with most event packages and are able to accommodate many different lighting needs. Please contact us for more details about our available equipment options.
Will you negotiate prices? Our prices are very competitive for the quality of service we offer, however we do offer multiple event packages on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for details.
How far in advance do I need to book my event? If we have a DJ available for your event, we are able to accommodate your booking within 24 hours notice. However, we recommend booking at least 2 months in advance for any event. Our busy season is from May to September, and some dates are booked over a year in advance.
What is your cancellation policy? Your event cannot be cancelled or refunded within 90 days of your event date without paying the entire fee. If your event is canceled more than 90 days prior to your event date, your initial deposit cannot be returned, but your final deposit will no longer be required.