Eric Parsons

Loud DJs Owner/Disc Jockey

Eric should have seen it all coming. The son of professional musicians, Eric was born and raised in the cultural melting pot of South Louisiana, a place where the music is as mixed up and spicy as the food. His mother a church organist and his father a drummer, Eric spent his childhood constantly immersed in classical compositions as well as classic 70s rock and funk.

As a student at an inner city high school in the 1980s he was heavily influenced by original rap music artists, but the presence of an “alternative” college radio station in his home town proved just as powerful. The emerging electronic dance music scene lured Eric to nightclubs and later to underground raves where he learned to appreciate the value of a skilled DJ. From then on he was always searching for that blissful state of musical ecstasy that a great DJ creates on the dance floor.

It’s the same pure, blissful feeling that Eric, AKA “DJ Elixir,” strives to create every time he is behind the turntables today. Whether he’s seamlessly blending a set of pulsing world rhythms, disco hits or current dance favorites, DJ Elixir knows how to build the energy on a dance floor and make a crowd lose itself in the music.